Experienced lead carpenters

Detroit, MI, United States

We are looking for carpenters that can perform all facets of the carpentry spectrum, from wood, metal framing on residential and larger commercial jobs to renovations/remodeling additions and new construction. We are a Lead based paint certified abatement supervisor, worker, inspector and assessor (pending final certs) company and will require everyone take the training for this Michigan cert and the federal RRP cert. We will arrange for and provide these classes for the right applicants. Must know all levels of carpentry to apply, meaning, rough, finish and cabinetry knowledge are required levels of skill needed. preferably minimum of 3-5 years' experience needed and a good work ethic required. We are a cutting-edge green tech building company and will be performing many large government funded type prevailing wage jobs as well as high end residential remodeling, additions, refurbishes up to and including commercial grow room build outs and we have a high level of quality and cleanliness we MUST adhere to in order to maintain perfect homeostasis with all our customers. A license a vehicle and personal hand tools and power tools are a requirement but not a deal breaker if not fully set up, we will also have tools and equipment but the general day to day stuff tape measures hammers screw guns hand tools etc etc are expected to be a true experienced carpenter. Our company pays for talent and believe you get what you pay for. Meaning if you're worth the money you will get it. if you're not we will let you know reality. This is reals-ville here not government handout fiction. you will be paid what your talents produce. Benefits will be talked about after 90 days NOT BEFORE and will be earned not given. If you prove yourself and make it 90 days straight you earn benefits! you will have to pass a physical and must be sober. we do not care what you do after hours but ABSOLUTLY no usage of anything on our jobs and if you get hurt and it's your fault the insurance will drug test you before they will agree to pay. Come correct and you will be treated as you want to be. if not please do not waste our time or your own we will not make exceptions. We do offer a program for those who are veterans and/or in recovery and can prove their sobriety, we believe everyone deserves a 2nd chance IF your honest, if not there are no 2nd chances.